The High Achievers Club


Join the online mastermind accountability group of like-minded High Achievers. 

If you are a Business Owner, Entrepreneur or Sales Executive who loves the autonomy of being your own boss and can use an accountability group to update your website, write content, increase sales, and launch a new promotional campaign, check us out!  

You’ll get a lot from the group if you are looking for the following support:

 + Learn science-based tools to increase productivity 12 weeks at a time

+ Create a strategic plan with Key Performance Indicators with small actionable steps

+ Streamline processes (Don't step over dollars to chase after pennies)

+ Work your plan for growing sales

+ Boost Performance in your personal and professional life

+ Improve mental well-being and avoid self sabotage 

You will have the guidance of a Positive Intelligence and certified Leadership Coach who will walk you through science-based productivity tools, help you score your progress, and hold you accountable so you can focus on what matters most.  

The group meets via zoom on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 1:00 – 2:00 PM Mountain Time Zone.  

Note: The group meets Mid-September to May to allow for summer vacations.   

Cancel anytime.  


High Achievers Club Monthly Plan


  • Accountability Check-ins
  • Science-based Productivity Tools
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Community Support
  • Networking


When I started my home-based business 13 years ago I knew that I would encounter many different challenges. One of those challenges, when working from home, has always been how to stay focused and growth-minded when there are so many distractions and other things drawing my attention away from the business. I joined Ivette’s High Achievers Club, to help me stay engaged with my business and to set up processes and goals to keep me successful. In today's challenging environment, Ivette provides the expertise and the forum where we can support and learn from one another to grow our businesses.

-Stephanie J. - Hot sacks


Ivette was consistently a top 5 performer for Skyline year in and year out. She is bright, enterprising, conscientious, and follows up like no other. She is one of those very rare people who is very good in many different areas of business and life. No wonder she consistently won top sales awards from Skyline every year! She is a woman of her word and has a very high level of integrity. She is a rare find for companies that are looking for leadership and results. I enthusiastically endorse Ivette Flower! 

- Bill D. President of Skyline Exhibits