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Is your team...

operating at their fullest potential? Are they experiencing burnout, loss of productivity, or conflict? Stress and conflicts can occur in any team within an organization, regardless of their size or function. However, some teams may be more prone to experiencing stress and conflicts due to the nature of their work, the level of pressure they face, or the dynamics of their team members who are unknowingly sabotaging both their own and their team’s performance. What if there was a way to identify this sabotage and reset the team's dynamic and performance in just 7-weeks?

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The Positive Intelligence

PQ® Team Training Program


Build & Support High-Performing Teams

Sales can be a high-pressure, high-stress job, and sales executives who do not manage their workload or prioritize self-care may experience burnout, which can lead to decreased performance and can be costly to replace their role.

Build Powerful Habits with Positive Intelligence PQ® Training. The science-based program helps boost each individual’s mental fitness by growing their three mental muscles.

*Training Outcomes:

  • 37% Increase in Sales
  • 83% Improve Self-Confidence
  • 84% Better at Conflict Management
  • 91% Manage Stress Better
  • 92% Better at Teamwork and Collaboration

*Based on research from 500,000 participants

PQ for Sales Teams Performance

Power Your Team’s Potential

Maximize team performance and well-being with the app guided and coach supported  Positive Intelligence PQ® Training Program. 

Do you know that 98% of participants improved their emotional intelligence with this program?

Empower your team to boost their mental fitness and increase productivity toward team goals. 


Positive Intelligence has boosted mental fitness and generated spectacular results for employees of hundreds of organizations including:

Measurable Progress For Your Team

Keep your team motivated with measurable progress that promotes ongoing practice. Ongoing practice builds the neural pathways in the Positive region of the brain and can be used prior to important meetings or decisions which increases performance. 

  • Daily Practice - app-guided practice enables your team to establish mental muscles (neural pathways).
  • Weekly Focus - Weekly self guided content that delivers deep experiential exploration of the week’s focus. 
  • Measurable Progress -You're team will feel motivated through instant feedback on exactly how much progress they are making.
  • Community Support - Global support and weekly accountability group. 
  • Trained Coach - Supported by a coach who has been trained by Positive Intelligence and is a certified Leadership Coach with the International Coaching Federation. 

With a simple shift of mindset the app platform enables continuing growth through ongoing modules that use the operating system in a variety of personal and professional, individual and team applications.

Training Program Syllabus

Sustained Results for Business Growth

98% of participants saw results in these areas:



Research Foundation

Our mental fitness program is based on breakthrough, original research by Shirzad Chamine and the synthesis of recent discoveries across neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral psychology, and performance science.

In The Next 8-Weeks, Your Team Can…

  • Reduce Burnout
  • Increase Performance 
  • Optimize Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Improve Mental Well-Being 

A recent Gallup poll found 2/3 of full-time employees experience burnout in their jobs. Organizations that support employee wellness have employees that are 69% less likely to search for a new job and are 5X more likely to serve as an advocate for their organization.

We’ll enable your team to maximize both performance and wellbeing simultaneously by focusing on the root-level mental muscles that impact both.

What's Included In

8-Week PQ® Training Program...

Tools and Resources: 

  • Flagship app
  • Saboteurs Assessment
  • New York Times Best Seller's Audiobook 
  • Daily focus and challenges
  • Worldwide community support
  • Weekly video modules and resources
  • Weekly accountability group coaching lead by Certified Leadership Coach  
Week 1

Self Command: 

Develop greater mastery over your own mind


Teach your brain that no matter how crazy-busy your day is, you can re-center every few hours in 2 minutes

Week 2 

Intercept The Judge: 

Expose the lies, limiting beliefs and damage of your Judge

You will develop an awareness of your Judge Saboteur. This is a big step on this journey. Use your self-command tools to help intercept it.

Week 3

Accomplice Saboteur: 

Expose the lies, limiting beliefs and damage of your top Accomplice Saboteur

You will develop an awareness of the Accomplice Saboteurs. This is a big step on this journey. Use your self-command tools to help intercept them.

Week 4

Shift Perspective 

Learn to convert “bad things” into Opportunities

  • Learn how to use the gifts of knowledge, power and inspiration to gain a future payoff that is larger than the cost of the challenge.
  • Use your Saboteur Interceptor to grow your mental muscle.
  • Commit to an inspiring action that you wouldn’t have happened if this “bad” thing hadn’t happened. 
Week 5-6

Boost Sage Powers 

Discover the Power of Empathy

Use the power of empathy to give yourself and others on your team grace. Think of empathy as the power you should use when your emotional reserve is running low, when you need some recharging before moving on with problem-solving action. This section is a very powerful. Participants say this module creates a big mindset shift.

Week 7-8

Taking Action 

Learn the Five Sage Powers

Learn about the 5 Sage powers that help you think outside the box to solve complex challenges, generate fulfillment that comes from living life in alignment with your ideals and principles, move into pure action, without the procrastination, distraction, or interference from Saboteurs with: 

  • Empathy
  • Exploration
  • Innovation
  • Navigation
  • Decisive Action
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The Positive Intelligence

PQ® Team Training Program

8 Week PQ® Team Training Program


Effective leaders play a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of businesses. Equip your leaders with the mindset and skills needed to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape with the Positive Intelligence PQ Training program.

Here's what our PQ Training Program offers:

  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions: Stay committed to your growth with a trained PQ Coach. 

  • App Access for Team and Immediate Family: Gain exclusive access to our cutting-edge app. From guided exercises and resource libraries to progress tracking and support tools, our app empowers you to seamlessly integrate PQ principles into your daily leadership practices.

  • Community Support: I Engage in insightful discussions, celebrate milestones, and forge meaningful connections with your peers.

    Propel your organization towards unparalleled success.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



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Saboteurs Workshop


In today's fast-paced business landscape, the ability to navigate challenges with resilience and clarity is more crucial than ever. But all too often, our own inner critics and self-doubts can hold us back from achieving our true potential.

That's where our Saboteurs Workshop comes in. Led by a seasoned Positive Intelligence Coach in leadership development and positive psychology, this immersive workshop is designed to help you and your team identify and overcome the limiting beliefs and negative patterns that may be hindering your success.

By participating in our workshop, you'll:

  • Gain Deep Insight: Uncover the root causes of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs.

  • Develop Resilience: Learn practical strategies and tools to build resilience.

  • Foster Positive Change: Transform negative thought patterns into empowering beliefs that propel you towards your goals.

  • Enhance Leadership Skills: Cultivate essential leadership qualities such as emotional intelligence, and effective decision-making.

  • Achieve Lasting Results: Experience tangible results in your role as a more empowered and influential leader.

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*Science-Backed Results:
  • 37% of Sales People Sell More
  • 84% Better at Conflict Management
  • 85% Increase Happiness
  • 91% Manage Stress Better
  • 92% Better at Teamwork and Collaboration
  • 98% Experience EQ Growth

*based on research from 500,000 participants.

Gallup Poll: 2/3 of full-time employees experience burnout in their jobs. Organizations that support employee wellness have employees that are 69% less likely to search for a new job and are 5X more likely to serve as an advocate for their organization.


Client Testimonial

"She’s been more effective for our team. For us to figure out our core values, what our priorities are and we’re doing more business because of it. We’re getting more stuff done and being able to have a more fulfilling time doing that." 


-Alan Smith, Broker

The Alan Smith Team RE/MAX Professionals

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I'm Ivette Flower

Sales powerhouse turned resilience guru here to help you elevate your sales game and harness your strengths without falling victim to self-sabotage.

As a keynote speaker, sales trainer, certified leadership coach with the International Coaching Federation, and dedicated Positive Intelligence Coach, I specialize in cultivating unwavering resilience, overcoming self-doubt, and excelling in lead generation, empowering you to increase sales.

Being a recovering perfectionist and a corporate veteran, my mission is to help high-achieving individuals and sales teams level up their work performance without burnout.

iFlower Solutions was a response to my own burnout as a high-performing senior sales executive with more than 15 years of experience in Business-to-Business sales. Throughout my career, I maintained a consistent ranking within the top 5% nationally in sales, particularly in the tradeshow and pharmaceutical sectors, and managed to earn a six-figure income while working part-time. Nevertheless, this success was not without a substantial personal toll.

Today, my focus is on assisting organizations, sales teams, and entrepreneurs in reducing self-sabotage, avoiding burnout, and collectively leveling up their work performance. Through my science-based coaching approach, clients experience the transformation of accomplishing more in 12 weeks than many achieve in 12 months. 

I would be honored to have an opportunity to gain your trust and business. 

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Is Your Team experiencing ...

  • Burnout
  • Conflict
  • Loss of productivity
  • Lack of collaboration
  • High employee turnaround