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Crush Your Year-End Goals: The 12-Week Game Plan

Oct 09, 2023

Buckle up because we’ve got a mere 12 weeks left in the year, and it’s time to unlock the secrets of “The 12 Week Year” to finish on a high note. But don’t worry; these 3 tips will help you finish strong! 

1. Precision in Goal Setting

Rather than approaching your annual goals like you are eating an entire pizza in one sitting, consider dividing the year into 12-week slices. Why? This method transforms long-term aspirations into precise, achievable objectives.

Craft (SMARTer) goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound, executable, and reward yourself when completing each 12-week cycle. This approach maintains a heightened sense of focus and motivation, as they celebrate short-term wins that ultimately lead to overall success.

2. Embrace Weekly Planning

Visualize each week as a sprint within the marathon of the year. Instead of being overwhelmed by the distant finish line and potentially losing focus, concentrate on the next seven days. At the end of each week give yourself one point for each task completed and divide that by your intended # of tasks. For example, if you complete 8 out of 10 tasks your weekly execution score is 80%. 

Recognize that daily actions accumulate into significant accomplishments. This approach simplifies tracking and ensures that you stay on course.

3. The Power of Accountability

Envision a scenario where you are not alone on your journey but part of a cohesive team.

Create accountability partnerships with a mentor, colleague, or friend to monitor progress, share insights, and motivate each other.

In essence, "The 12 Week Year" serves as your roadmap to finishing the year with exceptional achievements.

Remember, it's not just about reaching the finish line; it's about staying hyper-focused on what matters most.

So, get the book or schedule a 90-minute Strategic Planning session for $99 and I’ll give you my cliff notes and the templates you need to embark on these final 12 weeks with determination. Here's to finishing 2023 strong! 

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