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About Ivette

Sales powerhouse turned resilience guru, Ivette Gonzalez Flower, is here to help you elevate your sales game and harness your strengths without falling victim to self-sabotage. Ivette is a keynote speaker, sales trainer, certified leadership coach with the International Coaching Federation, and a dedicated Positive Intelligence Coach for individuals and sales teams. She specializes in cultivating unwavering resilience, overcoming self-doubt, and excelling in lead generation, empowering you to increase sales.

Ivette is a recovering perfectionist and corporate veteran. She founded iFlower Solutions after experiencing burnout as a top-producing senior sales executive in Business-to-Business sales for over 15 years. During this time, she ranked within the top 5% nationally and regionally in sales in the tradeshow and pharmaceutical industries, even earning a 6-figure income while working part-time. But it came at a price.

In her early 40s, she found herself hooked up to wires to diagnose what medical mystery was causing her sleep disturbances and memory loss. Two doctors diagnosed her with burnout. She realized that her approach to work mirrored her approach to life: rushing from one thing to the next, prioritizing everyone but herself, and constantly being on the go. Does this sound familiar? Then you're in the right place!

Join Ivette on a path where accomplishments resonate with genuine impact, replacing burnout with a thriving sense of purpose and effectiveness. Master resilience, conquer self-doubt, and dominate lead generation to gain a competitive edge and increase sales. Join the community of high achievers who redefine sustainable success!

Ivette partners with organizations, entrepreneurs, and sales executives to have the mindset needed to increase sales. Her clients get more done in 12 weeks than most do in 12 months! 


Keynote Speaker | Trainer | Executive Coach

Whether you're seeking to improve sales performance, enhance leadership skills, or foster stronger teamwork, iFlower Solutions has the right solution for your team. We understand the challenges that businesses face today, and we have 20 years sales experience and expertise to help your team overcome them with services focused on Mindset | Productivity | Leadership. 

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Professional Recommendations


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Professional Recommendation

James Hunter

Managing Director

It is rare to come across standout talent like Ivette. I had the pleasure of working with Ivette for over 6 years at Skyline Exhibits. After joining our sales team, I was immediately impressed with Ivette’s work ethic and focus. While consistently exceeding sales goals, Ivette quickly emerged as a top producer and leader within our company. Ivette’s drive both personally and professionally was not only impressive but one to be admired. Ivette earns my highest recommendation. 



Professional Recommendation

Cristi Spahr

Marketing Agency Founder

If your project demands the kind of person who will bring relentless attention to detail, sound strategic ideas, and dogged determination to get things done, you can find no better than Ivette.  She problem-solved, managed expectations, and just plain DELIVERED when it mattered most. I highly recommend Ivette and stand behind her work as a friend and client.




Professional Recommendation

Ivette was consistently a top 5 performer for Skyline year in and year out. She is bright, enterprising, conscientious, and follows up like no other. She is one of those very rare people who is very good in many different areas of business and life. No wonder she consistently won top sales awards from Skyline every year! She is a woman of her word and has a very high level of integrity. She is a rare find for companies that are looking for leadership and results. 


Professional Certifications and Training:








international coaching federation certification

 Accredited Certified Coach

To earn the accredited Certified Coach distinction I had to demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in the application of the ICF Core Competencies, Code of Ethics, and definition of coaching. I am committed to high ethical standards and demonstrated them, through rigorous assessments, and professional competence in working with my clients. This certification requires continuous recertification milestones.



positive intelligence training

Positive Intelligence Coach

I have the privilege of being trained by Shirzad Chamine the author of the New York Times bestselling book Positive Intelligence and top Executive Coach. Since adopting the PQ operating system, I have witnessed remarkable transformations in both my clients and myself. My clients experience greater well-being, improved relationships, and enhanced work performance.



 Find inner peace and an intentional purpose-driven life

My method for living a more peaceful life is simple and easy to follow. It combines everything you need to align your professional and personal life to flourish with ease and flow.


Design a life that brings you joy and fulfillment without burnout and self-sabotage.

Saboteurs are the voices in your head that generate negative emotions in the way you handle life’s everyday challenges. They represent automated patterns in your mind for how to think, feel, and respond. They cause all of your stress, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, restlessness, and unhappiness.

Take this free assessment and schedule time with me to review it for a free 30 minute consult and get out of your own way. 

Free Saboteurs Assessment


Get more done in 12 weeks than most do in 12 months with a Certified Leadership and Positive Intelligence Coach with 20 + years as a top-producing, President's Circle, and award-winning Sales Executive.

Coaching Outcomes: 

  • Avoid Burnout
  • Increase Productivity
  • Build Strong Relationships 
  • Maximize Time Management
  • Optimize Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Boost Mental Well-Being 
1:1 Coaching Programs


It's not about going going going. It's about achieving what matters.

If you are a Business Owner, Entrepreneur or Sales Executive who loves the autonomy of being your own boss and can use an accountability group to update your website, write content, increase sales, and launch a new promotional campaign, check us out!




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