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3 Strategies to Avoid Burnout

Feb 15, 2023

Guess who's making their rounds on another podcast? It's me! I got to be a guest on Sexy, Healthy Nutrition with Michelle Fox. In addition to serving as a Culinary Nutritionist, she is a mom, wife, friend, yogi, and community builder. It's her mission to create healthier communities by teaching busy professionals how to get more nutrition in their bodies and how to have more fun in their home kitchens!

 I hope you get a chance to  break away from your busy day and tune in

Highlights of this episode:

  • Ivette talks about pausing and reflecting on what matters most
  • Ivette shares 3 strategies to avoid burnout
  • Ivette leads us through a quick two-minute meditation
  • We role play to show the 3 strategies in action


Ivette Flower, ACC