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How to Grow Your Mental Muscles in Challenging Times

Feb 13, 2023

I love metaphors! Hopefully you can relate to my latest Podcast where Marisa Huston from Live Blissed Out and I talk about keeping your hand off the stove when it comes to negative emotions.

Here's another one of my favorite metaphors. Trying to control my teen is like trying to push back a giant wave with my bare hands. Instead of trying to control the uncontrollable, let's face it they know everything, I visualize myself surfing the wave. Using empathy and curiosity to better understand them and saving my energy. Can you picture me surfing??? :) I am getting pretty good at it!

Listen to the Live Blissed Out podcast and get practical tips on increasing your Emotional Quotient by growing your mental muscles in challenging times.


Ivette Flower, ACC