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Align Your Goals with Your Values

May 23, 2023

 Are you feeling exhausted from the constant rush of your daily routine? Are you overwhelmed? Do you wonder how you can continue to juggle all the balls in the air without burning out or dropping one?

If you relate to any of these questions, believe it or not, you CAN regain your sanity and energy by creating a life that is truly fulfilling.  You can do this by aligning your goals with your core values.  

When you align your goals with your values, you can experience a sense of clarity, fulfillment, and resilience. You gain a better internal compass, guiding you towards easier decision-making, determining what your true daily priorities are, and becoming more productive with your time. Suddenly, stress is decreased, because you know WHY you are doing something. Your WHY is the key that unlocks a life of intention and satisfaction. Embrace it and experience the transformation to saying “no” to tasks that don’t align. 

Here are some examples of how I incorporate my values into my daily life. Because I understand the importance of prioritizing my well-being, every day I block time for activities that nourish my body and mind. This means starting my day with a workout or taking a walk in the evening. I prioritize and safeguard this time, knowing it makes me the most productive in my personal and professional life.

Another one of my values is family and my relationships with my teenagers. It is important to me to foster a positive and supportive environment at home, so I take mental fitness steps to be proactive. This includes carving out at least 15 minutes a day (2-3 minutes at a time) to do my "PQ reps" – hyper focused breathing and focusing on my senses to promote positivity and resilience. Doing these reps helps me stay grounded and approach my relationships with a positive mindset, even during challenging moments. I am not perfect, but I have seen our family have an open communication that is loving and supportive. Of course, mental fitness is also useful in my professional life, as navigating relationships as an entrepreneur comes with its own challenges. 

Are you ready to learn more about your values and experience a profound shift in your productivity and overall fulfillment?

Here is my gift to you: The free Values Aligned Productivity™ Guide

This fillable workbook will show you how to:

  1. Identify and understand your top 10 core values
  2. Build goals to execute consistently on what matter most to you
  3. Build a decision-making compass to improve your well-being

Gone are the days of mindless routines and lost motivation. Instead, face each day with a sense of purpose, knowing that every action contributes to a meaningful and purpose-driven personal and professional life. Build strong habits to honor your values and gain motivation, energy, and purpose. 

Once you have gone through the workbook, send me an email! I’d love to hear what your core values are and how you plan to bring them into your life. 

What others are saying about the Values Aligned Productivity Guide:

“I would recommend Ivette to anyone who wanted to get more focused on taking action to move their business forward. Within a week of working with Ivette I was more aware of my values; I took more action and was more motivated then I had been the previous year.” Maria W.  - Coach

“Ivette, and the coaching tools she introduced, helped quiet the noise in my constant pursuit of professional and personal life harmony. Working through the process to identify my values, then connect my goals to what I value was critical in creating an intentional plan I could execute. I am now more equipped to know what I need to do and where I currently stand on the progress of each of my top goals.” Nichole B. - Entrepreneur

She’s been more effective for our team. For us to figure out our core values, what our priorities are and we’re doing more business because of it. We’re getting more stuff done and being able to have a more fulfilling time doing that.” Alan S. -  RE/MAX Real Estate Broker