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3 Ways to Eliminate Decision Fatigue and Energy Drain

Jun 08, 2023

If you find yourself juggling numerous responsibilities on a daily basis, from managing family commitments to work obligations, strategic planning, staying active, and everything in between, you understand the value of an efficient time management tool to preserve your sanity and energy.

In my quest for heightened productivity and efficiency, there are three tools that have transformed my approach to planning and executing my workday with laser focus. By incorporating these tools into my routine, I empower myself to eliminate decision fatigue and navigate unexpected challenges with energy and flexibility. 

If you are a leader, you can help your team to become more productive in their day by incorporating these tools into their own workday. 

1. Time Blocking: Time blocking is a powerful productivity technique that involves scheduling specific blocks of time for various tasks or activities throughout the day. Block 2-3 hours of uninterrupted time each day to become laser-focused on your goals or important tasks. 

Keep in mind to be flexible for unplanned urgent and important tasks. When those come up, shift your blocks around so that you can make room for the urgent items, while not compromising the rest of your goals for the week. You can even add a time block calendar to your phone so you remember to leave certain blocks of time open when scheduling appointments.

Remember, your week will not look like mine or anyone else’s. Be sure to create something that will work for your schedule and what is important to you.

Get the Time Blocking template here.

2. Core Values: Understanding and prioritizing core values can be a game-changer when it comes to productivity and decision-making. By helping your team members identify their top core values, you can guide them toward a more purposeful and focused approach to their work. Health, wealth, and relationships tend to be part of the top 3 values for individuals. Encourage your team to use their core values as a compass when planning their calendars. For instance, if health is a core value, encourage them to schedule exercise or healthy eating into their daily routines using the Time Blocking method. By proactively planning for these activities, they can ensure they prioritize what truly matters to them, thus giving them the energy and motivation they need to increase work performance. 

Encourage your team to tie their work activities back to their values. This connection will bring a sense of purpose and focus to their task lists, resulting in increased motivation and productivity. Driven by deep gratitude and a solid commitment to giving back, a sales executive made a great decision. Recognizing the immeasurable impact that the Boys and Girls Club had on his own life during his formative years, he chose to donate a portion of his hard-earned commission to support this invaluable organization. Motivated by the values of community and the power of generosity, this executive not only exemplified true leadership but also demonstrated the profound influence that acts of kindness. Knowing he was contributing to a great cause also helped him to improve his work performance.  

By incorporating core values into your team's approach to work and task prioritization, you'll create a culture of purpose-driven productivity that can lead to high levels of focus, satisfaction, and success.

Signup for the free Values Aligned Productivity Guide here or schedule a workshop to empower your team to work on it together and get additional content to dive deeper into productivity tools.

3. Eisenhower Matrix The Eisenhower Matrix, was popularized by former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower. It is a valuable tool for determining your priorities for your day, week, or even month. This tool is a powerful way to determine what’s urgent and important so you can do it immediately, plan for it, delegate it, or eliminate it entirely. 

This tool is very helpful for teams, especially those with limited budgets or operating with less staff than is needed. Utilizing the Eisenhower Matrix, you get a great idea of where you need to place your resources and where you might need help.

Get the Eisenhower Matrix Template

As a leader, you have the opportunity to empower your team and enhance their productivity by introducing these time management tools. Encouraging them to implement time blocking, aligning actions with core values, and utilizing the Eisenhower Matrix can help your team members better prioritize their tasks, make effective decisions, and maintain a healthy work-life flow. By fostering an environment that values efficient time management, you can create a culture of productivity and achievement. 

Want to learn more about how to help your team increase productivity or be more strategic in your own life? Send me a message.