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The Difference Between High Achievers and Overachievers

May 22, 2023

Did you know that high achievers and overachievers are actually very similar? Both groups are goal-oriented and find happiness in the success of completing a project. 

One of the main differences comes down to mindset. In my experience, overachievers find happiness to be fleeting - once a project is done, they quickly move on to the next project, without celebration of the accomplishment. Studies have shown that individuals with perfectionistic tendencies, often associated with overachievers, may experience higher levels of stress and reduced well-being. That go-go-go mentality is part of an overachiever’s self-sabotage, and ultimately leads to burnout.

High Achievers, are laser-focused on their goals, but use productivity tools and effective habits to achieve long term success. They use techniques for managing stress, improving time management, and promoting effective communication. High Achievers also make good coworkers, because they recognize the value of interactions and relationships to find a common team vision.

If you'd like some tips on how to lead an overachiever on your team, watch this video.

If you want science-based tools to help your team become High Achievers and improve work performance, send me a message. As a corporate leadership and Positive Intelligence coach, I help teams to realize the root cause of unproductive behaviors and shift self-sabotage into effective long lasting habits.  

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