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What is a PQ Rep?

Aug 28, 2023

PQ®️ Reps are one of the foundational pieces of mental fitness in the Positive Intelligence®️ program. You can find more peace and clarity by incorporating 15 minutes of PQ®️ Reps (2 minutes at a time) into your everyday routine. Watch the video to learn more about what they are and the PQ method of "Touch".

Step 1

Take a seat and plant your feet firmly on the ground with your back straight

Step 2

Take 2 deep breaths. Hold at the top for 4 seconds and really let it out when you exhale

Step 3

As you breathe normally focus on your feet, then the heaviness of your body on your seat and rub 2 fingertips together to feel the ridges. 

Do this for at least 10 seconds and increase to 2 minutes. Do PQ®️ Reps to change the neural pathways in your brain when you feel negative emotions like resentment, stress, or anxiety. 

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 All the best,

Ivette Flower, ACC