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What the Heck is a Business and Life Coach?

Feb 17, 2022

You might be wondering, what the heck is a Business and Life Coach? Well, you are not alone in pondering that question. Coaching is a relatively new profession that has been around for less than 40 years. It has infused the best from psychology, business, and philosophy to benefit the entrepreneur, business professional, and business owner.

Coaching is a partnership. A good coach partners with their clients through self-awareness to uncover their unique superpowers, creates a road map to achieve goals, holds them accountable, and motivates them. A good coach listens without judgment and focuses on supporting their client in creating their ideal life with decision-making tools, and strategic planning to move forward. The client does the work. The coach provides the framework, tools, and the space for growth so the client can improve mental fitness, increase performance and build long lasting habits.

Who Hires a Coach: 

Entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, Sales Executives, and people in transition use a coach to fix, solve, create, or change their personal or professional life. Many of them hire a coach and keep it to themselves as their own secret professional advantage.  It's a good thing Oprah didn't keep her coach a secret! Her coach Brendon Burchard is one of the reasons I became a Leadership coach. I highly recommend his book High Performance Habits.

Reasons to Hire a Coach: 

  • To make key decisions and design strategies
  • To prioritize actions and projects
  • To catch up and get ahead of the business
  • To achieve maximum work performance without sacrificing relationships or health
  • To create healthy habits that align with your values while limiting overwhelm or burnout.

My mission as a Leadership coach is to elevate and optimize my client’s life experiences and performance so they can achieve the results they seek!

Understanding the benefits of coaching is best when experienced. If you’re ready to improve your mental fitness and improve performance, schedule a 90-minute strategic coaching session for only $99.00. At the end of our session you will receive templates to continue on your 12 week goal journey.

I will be deliberate in listening to you, and in building our relationship so you have clarity and the results you are seeking.

Thank you for being part of the High Achievers tribe!  


All the best,  

Ivette Flower, The High Achievers Leadership Coach