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What the Heck is a Business and Life Coach? burnout busy business owners busy life busy working executives life coach overwhelm productivity coach professional coach what is a business coach what is a life coach what is a professional coach

You might be wondering, what the heck is a Business and Life Coach? Well, you are not alone in pondering that question. Coaching is a relatively new profession that has been around for less than 40 years. It has infused the best from psychology, business, and philosophy to...

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Leadership Starts at Home busy business owners busy life busy working executives consultant parents drill sergeant parents helicopter parents love and logic overwhelmed working parents

In 2008, I overhear a conversation my son is having with his preschool classmate: “Why are you wearing Crocs with socks?” asked his friend. I giggle with anticipation of what my 4-year-old son will say next… he quickly replies, “umm my mom told me to!” The morning...

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Wake Up Call busy business owners busy life busy working executives frustrated overwhelmed perfectionism sales executive sleep deprived top performer wake up calls

At age 44, I found myself at a sleep study clinic so that my doctor could tell me what medical mystery was keeping me from sleeping and experiencing memory loss. For months I had been sleep-deprived, feeling so tired that I was dozing during my commute. It was a startling feeling when my...

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