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5 Reasons Employees Aren't Engaged at Work Post-Pandemic burnout employee engagement leadership development mental fitness

A recent report published by Gallup found that employees who are not engaged or who are actively disengaged cost the world $7.8 trillion in lost productivity. That's equal to 11% of global GDP. According to this study, employee engagement has dropped since 2019, citing the Pandemic as the...

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3 Strategies to Avoid Burnout avoid burnout coach healthy mental fitness nutrition positive intelligence pq pq reps sexy

Guess who's making their rounds on another podcast? It's me! I got to be a guest on Sexy, Healthy Nutrition with Michelle Fox. In addition to serving as a Culinary Nutritionist, she is a mom, wife, friend, yogi, and community builder. It's her mission to create healthier...

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How to Grow Your Mental Muscles in Challenging Times mental fitness mental muscle positive intelligence

I love metaphors! Hopefully you can relate to my latest Podcast where Marisa Huston from Live Blissed Out and I talk about keeping your hand off the stove when it comes to negative emotions.

Here's another one of my favorite metaphors. Trying to control my teen is like trying to push back a...

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